Our Story


Mr. Yardi of Capgemini said that this course will definitely help you to understand the basics of coding; through which you will get a good job in IT sector. But you also have to understand and prepare yourself for different selection procedure. Different IT companies have their own selection checklist, and it will be easy for you; if you study those before applying for dream job.


At Simplon.co, we believe in social inclusion and empowering underrepresented profiles in the digital sector throughout the world, Our unique methods includes learning by doing, reverse mentoring and peer education. They are the core elements to our projects-based educational approach. Our motto is simple, more projects instead of more lectures. Focusing equally on the professional and social skills, the Simplon.co philosophy values integrated, flexible, global and human centered teaching methodologies. Simplon.co has its presence in over 15 other different countries namely Romania, South Africa, Colombia, Ivory Coast , Mali, Italy, Lebanon, Belgium, Senegal, Spain, Gabon, Morocco, Switzerland, Algeria, Jordan, Madagascar and Tunisia.

Pratham Infotech Foundation

Mr. Prem Yadav Director of Pratham InfoTech Foundation while addressing the gathering; told that this is a very good platform for all the candidates to become coder, this academy will not only helps you to learn coding but we are also focused on employability. We will be providing different set of skills and knowledge that will help you to get good opportunity in IT sector.